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Márton's journey

Márton started working in the Netherlands in 2018. Here's his story:


I am Marci, an Electrical Engineer from Hungary. As I was an academic student I always wanted to experience what it is like to live abroad. ...Aaand

...now I work in the Netherlands! :) So here is my story.

Two months after I graduated, a colleague from Venderion contacted me on Linkedin, that they are searching for Software Developers to live and work in the Netherlands.

We set up a Skype call to discuss about my professional experiences and about what Venderion does. During the 30-40-minute long talk Venderion’s services were introduced. So I got to know, that they fully support the candidate during the interview procedure till finding an accommodation close to the workplace. We talked about my experiences and my interest, so the interviewer could draw a picture about my possible opportunities in the Netherlands. I was also informed about the salary expectations and how the selection procedure usually goes. Obviously, my English knowledge was tested. It also turned out, that the colleague from Venderion is also from Hungary, so I could ask about her story, how she likes to live in the Netherlands as a foreigner. At the end of the conversation I was told, that finding a matching position can take some months. So, I waited patiently.  

Approximately two and a half months later I got a phone call that they have found a matching position at my current employer. I was told, that the colleagues at that company would be interested to have a Skype conversation. Venderion also provided a document for me, that contained useful hints on how to prepare for the interview. A week or two after the interview with my current manager, I was contacted, that they would like to meet me in person, so a travel should be organized to the company's office located in Deventer.

The colleagues at Venderion extensively organized my trip to the Netherlands. They provided the flight, train tickets and even the hotel booking for me. The people at the interview at my current employer's office were really nice. We talked about the professional experiences and my personality. They also introduced the company, and showed around the place.

Shortly after the personal interview, I got a positive response from the company. A colleague from Venderion helped me in finding an accommodation that suits my expectations. During this process I was in a tight connection with Venderion, so we could discuss the options and take actions.

I had one month free before moving to the Netherlands, so I started to further advance my professional skills and I also started to learn Dutch.

The colleagues here at my current workplace are really friendly, funny, respectful and helpful. Till I bought my own bike, every day one of my colleagues transported me to the office and to home. They even helped me to get some furnitures. Of course, they also helped me to get the necessary knowledge that was necessary to start working.

The Dutch people can be very straight, they tell you what they have in their mind, but actually  I do not mind that at all. They are nice people, and they really appreciate, when you speak their language.

To summarize things about Venderion, I am really satisfied with their service. They helped me a lot in my questions, doubts along the way. I could contact them on phone or via e-mail. I always got a quick response. These are especially important, when you stand in front of moving between countries. So thank you, that I can be part of this journey! :)

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  • Professional advise throughout the selection procedure
  • Extensive help throughout the relocation process (housing, insurance, administration, etc.)


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